Robot Palletising


Egg Palletising System

Bulk Automation have designed and developed a specialist egg palletising robot system capable of handling in excess of 570 eggs per minute. The single palletising cell system is compact and user friendly having minimal Impact on egg packing facility’s.

Integrating a robotic palletiser into existing egg packing systems reduces the need for heavy repetitive labour-intensive palletising, capable of stacking 6 layers high and automatically handling both empty pallets and layer cards this provides a system which requires minimal operator intervention.

BA have a unique end effector which handle 4 x stacks of trays in one motion thus dramatically reducing the robot movements and increasing productivity and reliability.

Bespoke Robot Palletising

Bulk automation design and build robot palletising systems that are robust and reliable to suit every requirement. Robot palletisers increase production and reliability, systems are designed to suit each customers specific needs the flexible ABB robotic range allows Bulk Automation to provide bespoke systems.

Our programming engineers have developed our own program “ PRO STACK” which integrates with the ABB platform to allow operators to manipulate the stacking patterns via the HMI.

We offer the full range of new ABB robotics and also have a extensive range of reconditioned units available, our palletising systems range from a simple one on the floor for manual lines to fully automatic pallet handling systems for high speed packaging lines complete with pallet wrappers and stretch hood machines.